Small WordPress trick to change from small letters to big letters

Let’s say you use WordPress.

You may know, for SEO purposes, it’s better to redirect a user visiting: to:

You should be enforcing small URLs to all users, for SEO.

Note: there is a high likelihood that this script will give errors on very big web sites and old web sites (asking for a Big Letter CSS file, and receving a small one). Try to use it on new web sites, where you can instantly see if anything goes wrong.

You also have the option of implementing rel=canonical, which give you 70-80% of the results of the current solution

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How to “sell” your crowdfunding project?

Let’s say you have an idea, and you need some financing. You consider the project you have will benefit more people in the society, and it has a social aspect. You want to get people involved, to find out about your project and to make them invest in you, in the hope of your project being successful and benefiting even more people.

For example, let’s say you invent a cool gadget for mobile phones, you have all the basic details setup, you know how the end product will look like, but you need money to produce it and distribute it. You call for help on the Internet, you write a project and you plan to post it online (hint – 6 Top Crowdfunding Websites: Which One Is Right For Your Project? – Forbes).

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“I want to start something online, but I lack an innovative business idea”. Well, actually, the innovative idea is *nothing*, you can be innovative with an *old* idea

I hear this quite a lot. People looking for the perfect idea, for the perfect circumstances and the perfect wind. And not only the perfect circumstances don’t come, but people tend also to have difficulties in coming up with «good» ideas. [Read more…]