What is a better solution of doing SEO for WordPress than using a dedicated plugin?

The WordPress plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast is considered the best SEO plugin for WordPress and is currently the most popular one.

So, we have the CMS with the biggest number of users (WordPress) and the most popular plugin for doing SEO on it – Active Installs: 1+ Million.

My question is the following – is there a problem with using the plugin and is it possible to achieve the same results as the plugin provides by manually coding things?

I made a video on the matter:

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Q: “My WordPress blog post doesn’t have an image on Facebook! What to do?” A: Visit Facebook Developers

Lets’s say you have a WordPress blog and you want to write a blog post.

You write it, you publish it, and when you post the link to the blog post on Facebook, it looks like this:


, although you’ve taken every measure to have og:image, og:title and the rest implemented correctly (How To Add Open Graph Meta Tags To WordPress | Elegant Themes Blog).

You try to refersh Facebook, you clear the cache on your blog, and nothing happens. You know that if you will wait, after a while, things solve by themselves, and the image appears. But you want a quick solution. How to solve it? [Read more…]

How to handle an old WordPress web site (created initially for a small project, but still needing maintenance)

From time to time, specific for a single project, I create a WordPress web site. I put a WordPress theme, add some user accounts.

It is actually simpler to handle a small WordPress web site, rather than create the files in HTML, even for a small project, with only a few links to it.

But the project, being small & tiny, by its definition, ends after a while.

Three things happen after some time passes:

  • You need to update contact information, because some data, inevitably, changes.
  • You still need to update the WordPress CMS (mostly, for security reasons, to prevent hacking) and all the plugins. You might consider updating the theme, also, if you worked with child themes (for older project, I don’t think that this was even an option).
  • You need to make sure that for all the people involved in the project, the site looks good (so, if someone visits the web site, it would look nice as a portfolio).

After some thinking, I found that it’s simpler and easier to just convert the WordPress into plain HTML web sites. See a live example » (see how the web site used to look in the past, on WordPress »). I’ve done a few others, for other web sites.


Prasanth Chandran – Old & New, https://flic.kr/p/8p7Xmw

What are some takeaways on the project?

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Q&A: What to do if you have a blog on site.com and you want to create a new e-commerce site? Should I add a new domain? Should I move the blog?

(1) Keep the domain as it is for the new ecommerce. Put the ecommerce on site.com.
(2) Move the blog from site.com to site.com/blog
(3) Redirect 301 the old links to the new links.
(4) If you move something, you will likely lose about 30% of link value, even if you do redirection. After a year, you will lose around 40% of the current link value.
(5) Read:

Incase - Our New Site is LIVE!, https://flic.kr/p/G4hmW

Incase – Our New Site is LIVE!, https://flic.kr/p/G4hmW

In online, avoid complications at all costs. Keep things simple!

From time to time, I see things in contests like these (Concurs »), in which you need to buy something, then if you are one of the 30 selected, you need to take a test, and then be available to take your prize, which is a trip. There are three steps to win the product (join the contest by buying an expensive product – not easy, give a test – not easy, go on a trip – strange, still, not easy). It’s highly demotivating, even if you do win.

Michelle Robinson - Complicated, https://flic.kr/p/gdQRXb

Michelle Robinson – Complicated, https://flic.kr/p/gdQRXb

The solution: create something simple. “Join the sweepstakes, and you could win”. It’s OK to ask some things from the people, but do you really need to take 30 people to a test in which 2 of them will win a product? Simplify the rules as much as possible. “Buy a product, you might win”. [Read more…]

Where are your haters?

Facebook goes through a lot of trouble to hide your haters.

  • One cannot dislike a post, the post can only be liked or ignored.
  • You can’t see a list of friends who unfriend you. You can only see who adds you and the list of current friends.
  • If someone posts a bad comment / tags you in an inappropriate photo, you can delete the comment / tag easily.
  • If someone annoys you, it’s very easy to block that person on Facebook.
  • If someone sends you a message and it’s not on your friend list, the message automatically goes into a folder which generally is not very visible on Facebook.

On Twitter there are tools who show you which users unfollow you, but with the standard Twitter interface, this is isn’t an option.

LinkedIn has no list of “lost connections”. You don’t easily see which people unfollow you.

Other platforms, though, are much more permissive with such data. You can have MailChimp send you an instant message as soon as someone unsubscribes.

There are dedicated tools to see who unfollows you on Twitter / Instagram: Unfollowers.com.

Also for Facebook, although they tend to block application such as these: Unfriend Notify for Facebook.

You surely must wonder why I try to suggest having a measure on the people who unfollow you, although, generally, online sites generally try to hide this information from you. Below, my answer on the matter.

Erik Gustafson - 14/365... Haters!!, https://flic.kr/p/5uZuR1

Erik Gustafson – 14/365… Haters!!, https://flic.kr/p/5uZuR1

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